We are very pleased to announce that Michał Stryjewski, Paweł Helta and Maciej Kruszyński, our long-time associates, have been promoted to become partners. We wish them all the best in their new role.

Michał Stryjewski has been with our legal office for 15 years. Alongside professors Adam Brzozowski and Wojciech Kocot, Michał Styjewski is the leading counsel in the most important and complex litigations conducted by our office. He represents the clients before common and administrative courts, the Supreme Court, arbitration tribunals and also during the enforcement proceedings. His specialties include: litigation and arbitration, civil law, insurance law, labor law, commercial contracts law, construction law, real estate and criminal law. He is the author of many legal opinions and due diligence reports concerning real estates. Michał Stryjewski also negotiates pre-court settlements as well as commercial contracts. He advises the firm’s most important Polish and international clients and represents them in court.

Paweł Helta has been associated with the office for over 13 years. He is specialized in civil, commercial and construction law. He also is the author of many articles on construction contracts as well as legal opinions and due diligence reports concerning real estates. He advises our most significant clients on real estate contracts. Paweł Helta represents many entrepreneurs in common and administrative courts, the Supreme Court and arbitration tribunals, especially in construction law and infrastructure projects, unfair competition and company law cases.

Maciej Kruszyński has been with our law firm for over 8 years. He specializes in litigation and arbitration. In recent years he has represented the firm’s most important clients in court proceedings concerning: infrastructure projects, unfair competition, company law and state liability for damages caused by exercising public authority. Alongside professor Adam Brzozowski and professor Wojciech Kocot, Maciej Kruszyński works on cassation acts appealed to the Supreme Court and takes part in the proceedings. During his career as a lawyer he has gained the experience in white-collar criminal cases too, whilst working with professor Piotr Kruszyński.

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