Thanks to the experience of our partners, employees and experts, we provide a competent and comprehensive legal service to all undertakings related to real property, supported by large experience in the application of the construction norms.

We ensure legal support in the cases of project owner’s representation in administrative proceedings at all stages of the project investment process (environmental decisions, decisions on land development and management conditions, construction permits, temporary building permits etc.) as well as administrative court proceedings and cases arising out of the use of extraordinary means of challenge (resumption of proceedings, nullification).

We execute orders related to the examination of legal state of real property (due diligence).

We conduct negotiations, prepare draft contracts and assess agreements related to real property ownership transfer, establishment and sale of perpetual usufruct or other limited property rights, including all types of easements. We prepare preliminary and conditional contracts as well as agreements between the project owners or project owners and local authorities (including framework agreements) in the field of construction of technical infrastructure.

We draw up land development agreements and agreements with general contractors and other entities providing their services during the execution of projects.

We represent our Clients in the proceedings related to the update of the annual fee for perpetual usufruct.

We act on behalf of the Clients in the procedure of passing the local spatial management plans.

In the last 25 years, we participated in many complex project and construction transactions, serving both Polish and foreign Clients with our advice and support. The experience we have gained allows us to provide our Clients with legal advice of the highest quality and secure their interests in the planned or performed projects in a reliable way.


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