The activity of our law firm in the field of electronic trade law caters both for the needs of the entities conducting their commercial activity in the Internet (e-commerce) as well as the needs of the Internet Service Providers.

As far as e-commerce is concerned, our law firm offers a full range of legal services to the entities providing commercial services in the Internet. On the one hand, we ensure the support in the areas that are common to e-commerce and traditional commerce i.e. choice of the legal form of the planned business entity and its establishment, managing disputes with the contractors (pre-litigation, court and enforcement stages), change of the legal form or dissolution of the business. On the other hand, we provide services specific for that type of business. Specifically, we prepare and assess pre-contractual information sheets required from on-line services providers for the conclusion of agreements in the Web, as well as prepare regulations/agreement templates. The wide scope of activity and large experience allow us to provide comprehensive legal services to entities running on-line auction portals or on-line shops.

The law firm offers also legal services to Internet Service Providers. Specifically, we conduct cases arising out of the liability of service providers specified in the Act of 18 July 2002 on the provision of electronic services (mere conduit, caching, hosting). Wide range of opportunities related to these services may lead to abuse or infringement of law by their clients. The team of our law firm is experienced in cases related to, for example: sending unsolicited commercial information, spamming, responsibility of hosting providers for user-generated content, monitoring of stored content in terms of its lawlessness, its take-down and put-back.

A special place in the work of our law firm is taken by the cases related to unfair competition in the Internet, such as the rights to Internet domains. Our lawyers have substantial knowledge about proceedings before common and arbitration courts, including the Internet Domains Arbitration Court of the Polish Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunications.